DePaul’s First Annual Idol Competition

By: Amy Cavalier, Communications/Development Coordinator

Excitement was high and talent was top notch at DePaul’s First Annual Idol competition held on April 30 at Halstead Square, a Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Program in Rochester, New York. A total of 15 residents from Ridgeview Commons, Neighborhood of the Arts (NOTA) and West Main Treatment Apartments, Edgerton Square and Halstead Square SROs and the Carriage Factory Apartments took the stage in a competition featuring poetry, singing and musical performances.

Ridgeview Commons Medication Coordinator Karriefh Norman and NOTA Assistant Resident Manager Samantha MacDonald were the Masters of Ceremony:


On the judges’ panel were East Ridge Resident Manager Rebecca Barnes, Program Director Deb White, Director of Quality Management Julie Edwards and Ridgeview Commons Senior Program Supervisor Sara Constantine ranking residents based on their performance, stage presence and creativity:

DePaul Idol Judges
Photo by Krista Hatfield



DePaul Idol Performers included:

John T Halstead

Judges’ comments:
“Mesmerizing voice.” -Julie Edwards

“You have the soul of a poet and you show it.” -Deb White

Sandra H.

Judges’ comments:
“You have the heart, the soul and the moves and it shows.”
-Deb White

Mark Meney Edgerton

Judges’ comments:
“You made me want to learn to play guitar.” -Rebecca Barnes

“What makes a good performer is when you make a challenging piece of music look easy. That’s what you did.” -Sara Constantine

Danita F NOTA
Judges’ comments:
“Smooth voice and very nice presentation.” -Julie Edwards

“You started out nervous, but you got more comfortable as you went along.” -Deb White

Derrick B RidgeviewJudges’ comments:
“Jay-Z better watch out. That sounded like something we would hear on the radio.”
-Rebecca Barnes

Mark McKay West Main
Judges’ comments:
“Believe it or not I slow danced to that at my prom. It took me back.” -Deb White

“Your voice was amazing and so was your stage presence.” -Julie Edwards

Jacob V. Ridgeview Commons
Judges’ comments:
“You did a very good job. I could never hit those notes.” -Rebecca Barnes

“You’ve got the full package – the style, your stage presence, your memorization without hesitation. It was all there. Very impressive.” -Sara Constantine.

Julia W. NOTA
Judges’ comments:
“The hairs on my arms are actually standing up. The emotion you put into that song, your stage presence, it was all there.” -Deb White

“Is this an off-Broadway show or on-Broadway show?” -Julie Edwards

Edward M. NOTA
Judges’ comments:
“You were into that song. You had everybody singing along with you.” -Rebecca Barnes

“Very heartfelt. I felt every word you sang.” -Sara Constantine

Harrison B. Halstead
Judges’ comments:
“That was a performance. You look comfortable up there. Way to bring it on.” -Julie Edwards

“You took me to church, Harrison.” -Deb White

Lars B. Edgerton
Judges’ comments:
“That’s my first time hearing that song and I’m over here grooving in my seat.” -Rebecca Barnes

“I’m pretty familiar with that song and you were spot on.” -Sara Constantine

Mark J Carriage
Judges’ comments:
“You remind me of the old-timey folk singers. You’ve got the look and the sound and every guy can relate to your lyrics.” -Deb White

Shyquain W
Judges’ comments:
“Very powerful song. Very powerful message. You absolutely killed it.” -Rebecca Barnes

“You were in it. After you got up there it was like none of us mattered.” -Sara Constantine

Wanda K. Carriage Factory
Judges’ comments:
“That was absolutely beautiful. You are in your element up there – your voice, your look, you stage presence.” -Julie Edwards.

Leah F
Judges’ comments:
“You definitely gave us all of you. You have a beautiful voice.” -Rebecca Barnes

“I enjoyed hearing you sing that better than the original.” -Sara Constantine


DePaul Idol winnersThree top prizes were awarded and all participants received a certificate of appreciation for all of their hard work and dedication. Wanda K. was the second place runner-up. Harrison B. was named first runner-up and Julia W. was awarded first place! Congratulations and thank you to all participants for sharing their talents!

Watch Julia’s entire performance! (Video by Krista Hatfield) 

Congratulations and thank you goes to all the participants for sharing their talents! Also a big thank you to the Talent Show Committee members Ridgeview Commons Assistant Residence Supervisor Juanita Prince, Elmgrove Assistant Residential Manager Jennifer Wright, Ridgeview Commons Medications Coordinator Karriefh Norman, East Ridge Assistant Resident Manager Manina Green, NOTA Assistant Resident Manager Samantha MacDonald, Carriage Factory Assistant Resident Managers Meghan Clough and Daniel Anderson, and Halstead Square Residential Service Coordinator Bernadette Weaver who helped give this idea a platform.

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